Department of
Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine


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Aman Mahajan, MD, PhD, MBA
Peter and Eva Safar Professor and Chair
cardiothoracic anesthesiology; cardiac electrophysiology; echocardiography; spinal neural modulation of cardiac electrophysiology; assessment of cardiac function in heart failure
Shannon Conte, MHS, CRNA
UPMC Presbyterian
Vincent J. Contento, MSN, CRNA
UPMC Shadyside
Sarah Copanzzi, MS, CRNA
UPMC Shadyside
Connie L. Counsman, CRNA
UPMC Altoona
Allison M. Courtney, MSN, CRNA
UPMC Passavant
Brandon C. Coury, MSN, CRNA
UPMC Presbyterian
Richard Coyle, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Erica L. Craig, MSN, CRNA
UPMC St. Margaret
Madeline Crankovic, MHS, CRNA
UPMC Passavant
Linda C. Crippen, MSN, CRNA
Clinical Director, UPMC St. Margaret
Amy Croushore, CRNP
Chronic Pain Division
Megan Cummings, MS, CRNA
UPMC Passavant
Jamie L. Currie, MHS, CRNA
UPMC Altoona
Maureen W. Cwiklik, MSN, CRNA
UPMC McKeesport
Thaddeus Cwynar, MSN, MBA, CRNA
UPMC Horizon
Mary Beth Czerniak, MHS, CRNA
UPMC Presbyterian
Amanda D'Amico, MHS, CRNA
UPMC Mercy
Chelsie M. Dahl, MHS, CRNA
UPMC Mercy
Patricia Dalby, MD
Associate Professor
obstetric anesthesiology; pain; post-op nausea and vomiting; anesthesia safety
Carl J. Daltner, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor