Department of
Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine

Basic Research

Our current basic research focuses on anesthesia mechanisms, mechanisms of neuronal injury and protection, and pain mechanisms.

Mechanisms of General Anesthesia and Neuronal Injury and Protection

Howard B. Gutstein, MD

The research in Dr. Gutstein's laboratory focuses on the molecular mechanisms underlying opioid tolerance.

Gregg Homanics, PhD

The Homanics Lab is interested in understanding the effects of alcohol on the body so that safe, effective treatments for alcohol use disorder can be developed.

Pei Tang, PhD

Research in the Tang Lab focuses on the action of low-affinity drugs, such as general anesthetics and alcohols, on the neurotransmitter-gated receptor channels.

Yan Xu, PhD

The Xu Lab research team is one of the leading groups in the world to combine high-resolution and solid-state NMR techniques to solve membrane protein structures at atomic resolution.