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Photo of a patient sitting with a doctor

Perioperative Medicine

Stephen A. Esper, MD, MBA
Director, UPMC Center for Perioperative Care


Our department is at the forefront of the following efforts in the field of perioperative medicine.

Enhanced Recovery Program

The UPMC Enhanced Recovery Program encompasses a multimodal approach to surgical care to help patients recover from surgery faster with less pain, less complications, and greater satisfaction. 

Center for Perioperative Care (CPC)

The Center for Perioperative Care, a team-based, multidisciplinary prehabilitation clinic, identifies and screens high-risk patients prior to non-emergency surgery.

Perioperative Medicine Fellowship

Our Perioperative Medicine Fellowship is a 12-month, multidisciplinary, team-based training program focusing on both outpatient and inpatient perioperative management of patients at high risk for poor outcomes.