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Sarah E. Ross, PhD

  • Associate Professor of Neurobiology and Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine

The spinal cord plays a critical role in processing somatosensory information—touch, temperature, pain and itch. Dr. Ross’ lab is interested in characterizing these spinal microcircuits. Dr. Ross’ research team uses a combination of approaches to dissect these neural circuits in mice:

  • Generate novel genetic tools to study populations of spinal neurons
  • Perform axon circuit mapping using viruses
  • Elucidate neural coding using optogenetics and electrophysiology
  • Study sensory behavior using chemogenetic approaches

Improved understanding of the neural basis of pain and itch is of clinical relevance to millions of people worldwide that suffer from clinical conditions, particularly chronic pain, that result from of maladaptive changes in neural circuitry

    Education & Training

  • University of Western Ontario, BS
  • University of Michigan, PhD
  • Harvard Medical School, Postdoctoral Fellowship
Representative Publications

​Dr. Ross' publications are listed on her lab website.

Research, Clinical, and/or Academic Interests

Functional organization of spinal somatosensory circuits