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UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital CRT Team Performs First TESE Procedure

"A group of medical professionals at UPMC Magee-Womens hospital pose for a photo in scrubs and masks"
Back row, left to right: Don Carl, MS, CRNA; Danielle Meholic, DNAP, CRNA; Nicole Nowe, MSN, CRNA; Cami Spiker, LPN; Anna Wecht, RN (OP Nurse Coordinator II for the CRT); Kathleen Hwang, MD (Dept. of Urology); Julia Young (Practice Coordinator); and Susan Nickovich (Sr. Project Manager, IT)

Front row, left to right: Anna Wecht, RN (OP Nurse Coordinator II, CRT) and Rachel Kelley-Lore (Clinical Administrator, CRT).

Clinicians at the UPMC-Magee-Womens Hospital Center for Reproduction and Tissue Transplantation (CRT), a multidisciplinary, national leader in cutting-edge fertility treatments, performed their first anesthesia procedure on February 11 for a testicular sperm extraction (TESE). Our Magee team members Donald D. Carl, MS, CRNA, and Nicole R. Nowe, MSN, CRNA, were the primary anesthesia providers and helped ensure that the TESE was performed seamlessly. The tissue was processed in real-time, and the CRT received immediate feedback from the lab. Congratulations to everyone at the CRT and Magee for their success and perseverance!