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Projects by Drs. Gaurav Chauhan and Trent Emerick Win PInCh 2022 Awards

"Headshots of Doctos Chauhan and Emerick"


The Pitt Innovation Challenge (PInCh) concluded their 2022 final event on October 19. This year, two projects led by faculty members in our department were finalists:

  • BIONIC: Naloxone Biofeedback Patch - Gaurav Chauhan, MD, and Alexander Star, PhD (Pitt Chemistry, Bioengineering, and Clinical and Translational Science): A naloxone patch with biofeedback capabilities that can help prevent opioid overdose and address the shortcomings of other forms of naloxone administration.
  • Vanish Bioresorbable Stimulator - Trent Emerick, MD, MBA, and Xinyan Tracy Cui, PhD (Pitt Bioengineering): An implantable stimulator for patients with severe acute and chronic pain for whom conservative therapies have failed and who are looking for non-opioid alternatives.
"Dr. Trent Emerick presenting the Vanish project"
Dr. Trent Emerick presenting the Vanish project

Dr. Chauhan’s BIONIC team project won a $25,000 award in the virtual Elevator Pitch Competition and Dr. Emerick’s Vanish project won a $100,000 award as well as a $15,000 Bonus Award for Engineering Good Health.

Congratulations to Drs. Chauhan and Emerick!

"Dr. Alexander Star accepting the award for the BIONIC project"
Dr. Alexander Star accepting the award for the BIONIC project