Department of Anesthesiology

Congratulations to the Residency and Fellowship Graduating Classes of 2017!


Congratulations to the Anesthesiology Residency and Fellowship graduating classes of 2017, who were celebrated at our graduation ceremony on June 9, 2017. More photos from our graduation ceremony can be viewed online.

Graduating Residents

  • Bryce Bernard, MD
  • Jessica Cassavaugh, MD, PhD
  • Youngeun Cho, MD
  • Meghan Saxen, MD
  • Zachary Cohen, MD
  • Courtney Garbee, DO
  • Melanie Hodge, MD
  • Richard Hubbard, MD
  • Andrew Hulme, MD
  • Joshua Knight, MD
  • Derek Lauter, MD
  • David F. Nelson, MD, MBA
  • Lauren Parker, MD
  • Rachel Pool, MD
  • Daniel Ripepi, MD
  • Daniel Sandusky, MD
  • Brenda Satterthwaite, MD
  • Lindsay Stollings, MD
  • Michael Thompson, DO
  • Peter Yeh, MD

Graduating Fellows

Adult Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology

  • Beau Bergeron, MD
  • Bryant Bunting, DO
  • John Hamilton, MD
  • Mary Margaret Lim, MD

Anesthesiology Critical Care Medicine

  • Christopher Johnson, MD
  • Rohan Panchamia, MD
  • Alexander Preus, MD
  • Yiyu Zhao, MD 

Obstetric Anesthesiology

  • Erica Coffin, MD
  • TJ Vernon, MD

Pain Medicine

  • Hasan Abed, MD
  • Kwadwo Achampong, MD
  • Gianna Casini, MD
  • Andrew Clary, DO
  • Alcinto Guirand, MD
  • David Itskevich, DO
  • Alexander Matz, MD
  • Eric Yuan, DO

Pediatric Anesthesiology

  • Sabrina Carrié, MD
  • Daniel Goldstein, MD
  • Angela Ingram, MD
  • Anne E. Kamarchik, MD
  • Michael Kolan, MD
  • Jessica Latzman, MD
  • Keila Maher, MD
  • Alexander Praslick, MD
  • Dritan Prifti, MD

Regional Anesthesiology

  • Alexandra Belfar, MD
  • Douglas S. Bentley, MD
  • Vikram Bhasin, MD
  • Brandon Chinn, MD
  • Samantha Dao, MD
  • Brian Greenberg, MD
  • Stephanie Jean-Noel, MD
  • Nicholas J. Schott, MD
  • Plinio Silva, MD
  • Rachel Stahl, MD
  • Rae Stewart, MD
  • David Sum, MD
  • Dinah White, MD

Award recipients

  • The Leroy Harris Award for Excellence in Teaching: Stephen McHugh, MD
  • Peter M. Winter Award for Excellence in Medical Student Teaching: William McIvor, MD
  • Mark H. Gilland, MD Award for Best Clinical Resident: Derek Lauter, MD
  • Best Resident Scholar: Richard Hubbard, MD
  • Award for Excellence in Teaching Trainee to Trainee: Mary Margaret Lim, MD

Murat Kaynar, MD, MPH was also recognized for his leadership of the Anesthesiology Critical Care Medicine Fellowship, as well as his outstanding teaching, at the Department of Critical Care Medicine’s graduation ceremony on Saturday, June 3, 2017

Award recipients for Excellence in Clinical Teaching of Residents

  • Lauri Adler, MD
  • Scott Brancolini, MD, MPH
  • Brian Gierl, MD
  • James Ibinson, MD, PhD
  • James Luther, MD
  • Steve Orebaugh, MD
  • Dennis Phillips, MD
  • Filippo Sanfilippo, MD, PhD, EDIC
  • Anthony Silipo, DO
  • Doreen Soliman, MD
  • Edward Teeple, MD
  • Keith Vogt, MD, PhD
  • William Wallisch, MD