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Dr. Yan Xu Invited for Visiting Professorship at University of Virginia


Congratulations to Yan Xu, PhD, who was invited to serve as a Visiting Professor with the University of Virginia Department of Anesthesiology in Charlottesville, VA on December 9, 2015. Dr. Xu will present three lectures during his visit: “Systemic Immune Modulations of Neuronal Injuries after Cardiac Arrest and Resuscitation,” “RELIEPH: a New Approach to Treating Chronic Pain,” and “Structure-based Drug Discovery and Glycine Receptor as a Therapeutic Target for Pain.”

Xu and Tang Research Team Shows the Brain May Retain Cellular Memory of Odors Introduced Under Anesthesia

Work by Drs. Tang and Xu Published and Selected as Feature Image in Nature Communications

Paper by Xu Research Team Published and Selected for BBA Biomembranes Journal Cover