Department of Anesthesiology

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Recent Books

Davis PJ, Cladis FP. Smith's Anesthesia for Infants and Children, Ninth Edition. Elsevier; 2017.

Anesthesia and Perioperative Care for Organ Transplantation. First edition. Subramaniam K, Sakai T, editors. Springer; 2017.

Basic Clinical Anesthesia. First edition. Sikka PK, Beaman ST, Street JA, editors: Springer-Verlag New York; 2015.

Bigeleisen PE, Gofeld M, Orebaugh SL. Ultrasound-guided Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine. Second edition: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; 2015.

Marcucci C, Hutchens MP, Wittwer ED, Weingarten TN, Sprung J, Nicholson WT, Lalwani K, Metro DG, Dull RO, Swide CE, Seagull FJ, Kirsch JR, Sandson NB, editors. A Case Approach to Perioperative Drug-Drug Interactions. First edition: Springer-Verlag New York; 2015.

Subramaniam B, Subramaniam K, Ramakrishna H. Problem-based Transesophageal Echocardiography. First edition. Tempe DK, editor: CBS; 2014.

Recent Book Chapters

Lin CJ, Kentor ML, Willliams BA. Inadequate Pain Relief. In: Fleisher LA, Rosenbaum SH, eds. Complications in Anesthesia (3rd Edition), Chapter 147, pp. 575-578, Elsevier, 2018.

Other Recent Publications

​Simmons W. Self-care: From African-American Cultural Necessity to Millennial Mental Health Movement. ACMS Bulletin, pp. 314-315, September 2017.

Simmons W. Pipelines: High school to college vs. high school to incarceration. ACMS Bulletin, pp. 350-351, October 2017.

Simmons W. Opioid crisis: Historic perspective and current trends. ACMS Bulletin, pp. 432-433, December 2017.