Department of
Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine


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Plinio Silva, MD, MPH
Clinical Assistant Professor
pediatric acute pain medicine and regional anesthesiology
Eliahu Simhi, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor
neonatal spinal anesthesia; transplant; computers in medicine
Whitney L. Simmons, MHS, CRNA
UPMC Altoona
William Simmons, MD
Associate Professor
community education; medical student education; academic mentorship
Debra Sines, CRNP
UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital
Susan P. Singh, MSNA, CRNA
UPMC Passavant
Alicia Anne Singleton, MSHS, CRNA
UPMC Mercy
Ghanshyam P. Sinha, PhD
Research Assistant Professor
spinal neurons neurobiology in chronic pain; auditory sensory cells; liquid crystals and associated liquids
Dane Sink, PA-C
Chronic Pain Division, UPMC St. Margaret
Nathan B. Sipes, MS, CRNA
UPMC Bedford
Chan Skiba, MSN, CRNA
UPMC Presbyterian
Emily C. Skrbin, MSN, CRNA
UPMC Shadyside
Terri Ann Sluganski, CRNA
Clinical Director, UPMC Mercy
Courtney D. Smith, MSN, CRNA
UPMC Presbyterian
Katie E. Smith, MHS, CRNA
UPMC Presbyterian
Tyler Smith, MD
Assistant Professor
Przemyslaw Smolarczyk, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Sarah Smolik, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Ernestine Smoot, MAEd
Academic Support Coordinator
David A. Snyder, MSN, CRNA
UPMC Shadyside