Department of
Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine


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Stephanie L. Hackwelder, MHS, CRNA
UPMC Shadyside
Carrie A. Haggerty, MSN, CRNA
UPMC Mercy
Lindsay Hahn, MD, Med
Regional Anesthesiology Fellow
Adriana V. Hall, MHSC, CRNA
UPMC South Surgery Center
Denise Hall-Burton, MD
Assistant Professor
pediatric anesthesiology; pediatric acute and perioperative pain
Kevin Hansen, MD
PGY-3 Resident
education, wellness/mental health, ultrasound
Sarah M. Harber, MSN, CRNA
UPMC Shadyside
Bethany Hardesty, MS, CRNA
UPMC Altoona
Ricky S. Harika, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor
cardiovascular anesthesiology
Nehah Harinarayan, MD, MS
PGY-2 Resident
cost reduction in the perioperative setting; surgical/post operative outcomes in patients with different social determinants of health
Brent Harkrider, MD
Pain Medicine Fellow
Kristine A. Harp, MS, MSN, CRNA
UPMC Jameson
April J. Hassler, MSN, CRNA
UPMC St. Margaret
Jade A. Hasson, MSN, CRNA
UPMC Presbyterian
Bret R. Hayford, CRNA
UPMC Altoona
Linda Haynes, CRNA
UPMC Horizon
Shana Heald
GME Academic Manager (Residency Program)
Donna M. Heiter, MSN, CRNA
UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
Elizabeth A. Helfrich, MSN, CRNA
UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
Monica R. Helinski, MSN, CRNA
UPMC Presbyterian