Department of
Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine


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Susan G. Eicher, CRNA
UPMC Altoona
Melanie T. Ellenberg, MSN, DNAP, CRNA
UPMC Presbyterian
Dustin S. Elswick, MD
PGY-3 Resident
regional anesthesia, neuroanesthesiology
Trent D. Emerick, MD, MBA
Assistant Professor
pain medicine
Alyson Engle, MD
Pain Medicine Fellow
Stephen A. Esper, MD, MBA
Assistant Professor
enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS)
Courtney L. Estep, MSN, CRNA
UPMC Shadyside
Mohan Ettyreddy, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Diane Evangelist-Belack, MSN, CRNA
UPMC McKeesport
Catalin S. Ezaru, MD
Assistant Professor