Department of
Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine

Wellness Committee Peloton Challenge


January 18, 2021 (All day) to February 28, 2021 (All day)

Event Description

Our Wellness Committee is sponsoring a department-wide (and beyond) Peloton Challenge. The Inaugural #UPMCAnesthesia #PelotonChallenge is open to anyone interested in participating. Whether you're an anesthesiologist, CRNA, resident, SRNA, anesthesia tech, administrative staff, former member/alum or just interested in supporting our department, join us for six weeks of fun challenges starting January 18th!!!

It's easy to join in the #UPMCAnesthesia #PelotonChallenge! 

  • You will need the Peloton app/membership.  You do not need a bike to participate, as most of the workouts do not involve the bike and there are bike alternatives. If you don't already have the Peloton app, it is currently free for two months for new subscribers (if you've already completed a free trial or after your 60-day trial, the app is $12.99 per month). See details on the Peloton website 
  • In your Peloton account, add the #UPMCAnesthesia tag in Peloton profile. You must have the #UPMCAnesthesia tag in your profile for your points to count.
  • Register your leaderboard name online to receive reminders for the weekly workouts and survey.
  • Each week, we will email and post the workouts to be completed. Search #UPMCAnesPeloton on social media channels to find the workouts posted on our social media channels.
  • Complete the workouts as posted. You will earn points for each workout completed. You will earn points for each workout completed. Each minute of the workout earns one point. If you set a personal record during the week, you earn an additional 10 points. If you complete at least three of the workouts "LIVE" at the time scheduled, you'll earn an additional 15 points for the week. We would love to see as many members and friends of #UPMCAnesthesia as possible in our challenge. You may also complete the workouts listed at your own pace by the Sunday of the Challenge Week.
  • The Challenge Weeks starts on a Monday and ends on a Sunday. You will be emailed the next week's workouts and the Challenge Week submission link on Fridays. You will have until Tuesday the following week to submit your workouts.   
  • Week 1 of the Challenge starts January 18th and ends January 24th.  Workouts for the week will be emailed on Friday, January 15th. 
  • If you registered for the challenge, you will receive the link to report your rides on Friday of the Challenge Week. You will have until Tuesday following the challenge week to submit your workouts to be considered for prizes! For the first week, Tuesday, January 26th, submit your workouts on the honor system online. Prizes will be awarded in many categories! 
  • #TogetherWeGoFar!  Have fun!  If the workouts don't excite you, you do you boo! Switch it up and get fit! 
  • Email Kristin or Liz and submit your favorite workouts for consideration!

Participation in the challenge is voluntary and you assume all liability and responsibility for your participation.


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