Department of
Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   Do you have a minimum Board Examination score requirement for acceptance into residency?
A:   No, we evaluate each application in its entirety and decisions are made on a variety of factors.  We do give precedence to applicants with stronger performance on the exam and prefer individuals who passed their Boards on the first attempt.

Q:   Do you accept international medical graduates as residents?
A:   Yes.  We are looking for the most capable residents available, and they come from a variety of backgrounds.  We do give preference to applicants who have had clinical experience within the last three years.

Q:   Do you accept COMLEX scores for applications?
A:   We accept COMLEX scores for applications, but USMLE scores are required, even for graduates of osteopathic schools.

Q:   Do you sponsor any visas?
A:   Yes, the J1 and H1B.

Q:   What other criteria does your program have for residency selection?
A:   We do not have any one particular criterion, but things that weigh favorably are: AOA status, research experience, publications, community service, and/or a strong medical school transcript.  We recommend that you provide explanation for any extraordinary information within your application.  For instance, if you have failed a medical school course, you should briefly discuss in your personal statement any extenuating circumstances that may have contributed to the situation.