Department of
Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine

Anesthesiology Critical Care

The Anesthesiology Critical Care Fellowship is open to individuals who have successfully completed a four-year residency in anesthesiology and are board eligible or certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA) or have completed an accredited program in Canada. As required by the ABA, the duration of the fellowship is one year. An optional second year of research is possible (please refer to the Department of Critical Care Medicine website for research fellowship opportunities).



Surgical specialty ICUs include:

  • cardiothoracic
  • trauma/general surgery
  • neurosurgical, obstetric
  • liver and abdominal visceral transplantation
  • general pre- and postoperative surgical critical care

Elective rotations may include:

  • echocardiography
  • radiology
  • nephrology
  • infectious diseases and general medical
  • coronary care, surgical specialty ICUs

Please visit the Department of Critical Care Medicine’s Anesthesiology Critical Care Medicine fellowship page for further information and application. The fellowship training program also offers two parallel research opportunities in either the Department of Critical Care Medicine Research Program or the Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine Research Program.

Application Process

The qualifications for the Anesthesiology Critical Care Medicine Fellowship Program are that the applicant will have completed an AGCME-Accredited Anesthesiology Residency Program in by the start of the fellowship. Upon completion of an application, fellows will be selected by a review committee on the basis of letters of reference and the interview.

For further information, please contact:

A. Murat Kaynar, MD
MPH Director, Anesthesiology Critical Care Fellowship
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
3550 Terrace Street Scaife Hall, Room 639
Pittsburgh, PA  15261
Phone: 412-647-7980
Fax: 412-647-8060

Program Graduates

Alessandra Cardi, MD
Melissa Giraldo Duque, MD
Christopher Ogbuah, MD
David Wang, MD

Ashan Waqas, MBBS
Kate Petty, MD
Douglas Adams, MD

Michael Gemma, MD
Luca LaColla, MD
Joshua McAnulty, MD
Adam McIntyre-Smith, MD

Huong-Tram Duran
Rashid Hussain
Cyrus Kellermier
John Paul Sara

Hassan Aijazi
Jessica Cassavaugh
Devin Caswell
Rachel Pool

Christopher Johnson
Rohan Panchamia
Alexander Preus
Yiyu Zhao

Patrick Hackett
Rachel Hadler
William Wallisch
Edward Yang

Sean DeChancie
Joseph Shy
Kathleen Tyson

Ali Abdullah
Elizabeth Przybysz
Nadeem Tawil
Vishal Yajnik

Samer Melhem
Dena Noghrehkar
Dennis Phillips
Sridhar Tirumala

Mark Lischner

Hernando Gomez
Shawn Hicks

Tosanath Leepuengtham

Eric Davidson
Marie Manrique