Department of
Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine

Current Residents

poster showing all the 2020-2021 residents

Boris Anyama, MD
Ilona Brueckmann, MD
Luke Chambers, MD
Monique Cheng, MD
Natale DeMarco, MD
Miles Gray, MD
Garret Hillsdon-Smith, MD
Mariusz Ligocki, MD
Gilbert Marchant, MD
Maria Nanez, MD
Krupa Patel, MD
Jacob Pickle, MD, MBA (Combined Anesthesiology-Pediatrics Program)
Eve Pourzan, MD
Maxine Qiu, MD
Ron Vidri, MD
Sheri Wang, MD
David Wideman, MD
Joe Williams, MD

Harold Burke, MD
Chelsea Cady, MD, MS
Alexander Chasse, DO
Erin Cisney, MD
Kylie Grady, MD
Nehah Harinarayan, MD
Matthew Kocher, MD
Christopher Lacomis, MD
Jacob Ludin, MD
Michael Massey, MD
Michael Morgan, MD
Tho Nguyen, MD
Mackenzie Noonan Haase, MD
Daniella Ohnemus, MD
Miriam Ohren, MD
Thomas Pham, MD
Anne Pribonic, MD
Brian Reon, MD, PhD
Connor Richardson, MD
Bryna Torre, MD
Gregory Williamson, MD (Combined Anesthesiology-Pediatrics Program)
Samuel Atherton, MD
Semerjit Bains, MD
Julian Broad, MD
Maria Cohen, MD
Amanda Deis, MD
Zachary Denham, MD
Michael Desciak, MD
Zach Frabitore, MD
Tyson Gillmen, DO
Kevin Hansen, MD
Ryan Holden, MD
Francesca Jung, MD
Vin Nguyen, MD
Anthony Pannunzio, MD
Stephanie Parry, MD (Combined Anesthesiology-Pediatrics Program)
Elizabeth Pickle, MD
Felicia Tulgestke, MD
Holly Turula, MD
Matt Yin, MD
Aamir Zariwala, MD
Leath Abdullah, MD
Jose Cabrera, MD
Dustin S. Elswick, MD
Melissa Giraldo Duque, MD
Samuel J. Goldstein, MD (Associate Chief Resident, AY 2020-2021)
Alejandra Hernandez, MD
Sergio Hickey, MD
Daniel P. Huettner, MD
George J. Karam, MD
Andrew J. McNicol, MD
Christopher A. McNulty, MD
Christian M. Molzahn, MD (Associate Chief Resident, AY 2020-2021)
Kylie V. Muraski, MD
Lilinete Polsunas, MD (Combined Anesthesiology-Pediatrics Program)
Juan Rango, MD
Constantin N. Robles, MD
Neal Shah, MD (Chief Resident, AY 2020-2021)
Aisha P. Ullah, MD
David Wang, MD
Michelle A. Yanik, MD
Edgar Zamora, MD