Department of
Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine

Message from the CBY Director

Dr. Keith VogtKeith Vogt, MD, PhD

It has been my great pleasure and a professionally-enriching experience to serve as director of the CBY program within the UPMC Anesthesiology Residency since 2018. The program has not undergone any drastic changes during my tenure, reflecting the strong footing established under the careful guidance of my predecessor, Dr. Shawn Beaman, who served in this role for over 10 years. Each year, we critically evaluate each rotation for its value and work closely with our colleagues from both within our department and across other clinical departments.  Feedback from our CBY residents has been extremely well-received. The rotation directors and I have a close working relationship that allows seamless integration of our CBY residents into the clinical teams for each rotation. Even the major clinical problem recently presented by COVID-19 was coordinated with no interruptions to our CBY program rotations. I was very impressed by the measures quickly taken across all rotations to maintain our residents’ safety while developing innovative ways to continue their education and involvement in clinical care, such as with virtual rounds and lectures.

Without any doubt, the focus of our CBY program is on education, where we strive for excellence rather than the status quo. There are no workforce constraints, such as the “need for intern coverage,” that constrict our ability to provide this education while maintaining a sincere focus on wellness. Our CBY residents are all routinely released from duties to attend a monthly noon lecture series hosted within our department to ensure continuity of education and camaraderie of the class. ACGME duty hour requirements are strictly adhered to, ensuring adequate rest, even on the most taxing of clinical rotations. CBY residents’ hours come nowhere near the maximum work hours on several rotations, providing the appropriate balance between the hard work of internship and the need for satisfaction in life outside of work. For the same reason, dedicated blocks of time off surrounding the year-end holidays are an integral feature of our CBY program, regardless of clinical rotation assignment in December.

We have also been very nimble as a program, able to pivot to new and better rotation structures when the opportunity arises. One characteristic example of this is the development of the Anesthesiology Professional Practice (APP) rotation. Since the inception of the APP rotation in 2014, one block of the academic year sees no Anesthesiology CBY residents on other services. Having all CBY residents on the APP rotation at the same time, as well as the opportunity for all to attend the ASA annual meeting, has really exceeded our expectations for developing interpersonal connections between classmates. 

Dr. Vogt with some CBY residents, at ANESTHESIOLOGY 2018

Dr. Vogt with some CBY residents at ANESTHESIOLOGY 2018

Working with my colleagues in the Department of Medicine and the Department of Pediatrics, we have also been able to coordinate assignments to the APP rotation for the combined pediatric-anesthesiology program resident, as well as transitional year or preliminary medicine PGY-1 residents  that have matched into our advanced program. This speaks to the wonderfully collaborative environment across UPMC and the prioritization of high-quality education across all GME programs.

Lastly, as an academic researcher myself, I strongly support the efforts of my close colleague, Dr. Ted Sakai, in directing the resident research program in Anesthesiology. Many residents become involved in research or other academic projects during their CBY. There are rich opportunities to participate in scholarly activity, and significant support from the department for such endeavors. Though there is no requirement to start or complete an academic project during the CBY, I am continually impressed by the productivity of our program’s residents. Many establish mentoring connections and launch scholarly projects during their CBY. A handful of motivated CBY residents have presented their own work and/or seen their own work published during their CBY. We appreciate and fully support these efforts.

If any prospective applicants have questions about the CBY program, UPMC, life in Pittsburgh, or anything else, please feel free to contact me (